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  • For group trips, Is cost per person or per room?
    Great Question! As of now, all of our options are cost PER person due to the amount of activities and keeping our low prices.
  • Are flights included?
    No. Whatever is included will be mentioned on the booking page.
  • What’s Included in group trips?
    Whatever is included will be mentioned on the booking page.
  • What is your travel junkies?
    We are 2 travelers that have come together and created a custom travel group. Not only can we provide you with custom trip itineraries, but we aim to continuously get great content while on our trips to share our travel tips & tricks with you all via social media.
  • Can we come on trips with you guys?
    At the moment, we do not offer the option to come with us.
  • Where do you guys plan to go next?
    Thomas is currently in Europe and potentially stopping in Egypt. Rasha will be in Europe this September. Joslyn & Thomas might join her.
  • How much do custom trips cost?
    Our goal isn’t to profit off of anyone, but to ensure that your trip is memorable and that you choose us time and time again. We aim to keep all costs within your budget that you provided us with. Our itineraries range from $100-350, basic flight and hotel itinerary to full itinerary.
  • What will be needed from me for custom trips?
    For custom trips, you will need to schedule a consultation with Joslyn. We would need your budget, destination in mind, and dates in order to let you know if it is possible.
  • Is my Consultation Refundable?
    Short answer: No. We take time out of our day to make sure we have all details for you.
  • Is my deposit refundable?
    No. Once you pay the deposit, we get right to work.
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